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BSN True-Mass


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What is BSN True-Mass?

BSN's True Mass is a macronutrient-heavy lean mass gainer tailored specifically towards people looking for the additional caloric support necessary to maximize lean muscle mass gains, and for individuals that require a heightened level of nutrients owing to a higher metabolic rate. True Mass contains a multi-functional AM to PM protein blend that feeds your muscles for up to 8 hours, a blend of complex carbohydrates that provides useable energy for your muscular frame, along with Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) and Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) for heart health and hormonal support. Further fortifying True Mass is the addition of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's) for positive nitrogen balance, fiber for nutrient uptake, glutamine peptides for recovery and glutamine alpha ketoglutarate for maximal anti-catabolic effects. 

Key features of BSN True-Mass:
  • 45 g Of multi-source protein

    To support the growth and maintenance of muscle mass

  • 675+ Calories 

    In order to gain weight a positive energy balanced is needed, so you need to take on more calories than you burn in training

  • 83 g of carbohydrate

    The body’s preferred fuel, but quality sources mean you’re not bulking up on low-grade ingredients

  • Incredible taste

          Utilises the SYNTHA-6® flavour technology

    True Mass Proprietary Protein Matrix:
    Each of True Mass's proteins provides a unique and complimentary profile of amino acids and absorption rates, ensuring that your muscles never run out of protein building blocks. True Mass features a sustained-release multi-functional micellar protein matrix that contains fast and slow digesting proteins, which supports/elevates circulating amino acid nitrogen levels for up to 7 hours. Suitable for AM or PM use.

    BSN's Exclusive Advanced Flavor Technology: A breakthrough in flavor technology that replicates some of the most mouthwatering shakes you have ever tasted

    What's in BSN True-Mass?

    Container Size: 2640g 
    Serving Size: 4 Scoops (165g) 
    Servings Per Container: 16  

    Amount Per Serving: 

    Total Calories: 711
    Protein: 47g 
    Total Carbohydrates: 83.9g 
    -Sugars: 14.5g 
    -Dietary Fibre: 6g 
    Fat: 19.5g 
    -Saturates: 4.5g 
    Calcium: 390mg
    Phosphorus: 284mg
    Sodium: 285mg


    Protein Matrix Comprised of (Whey Protein Concentrate, Calcium Caseinate, Milk Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Isolate, Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate, Micellar Casein, Egg Albumen, Glutamine Peptides, Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin), Maltodextrin, Creamer (Sunflower Oil, Maltodextrin, Sodium Caseinate, Mono and Di-Glycerides, Tocopherols, Tri-Calcium Phosphate), Polydextrose, Flavouring, MCT Powder (Medium Chain Triglycerides, Silicon Dioxide, Dextrin), Thickeners (Cellulose Gum, Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum, Acacia Gum), Colour (Beetroot Red), Sweeteners (Acesulfame Potassium, Sucralose).


    Contains cow’s milk, gluten, egg and soy.

    Please Note:

    Nutritional facts and ingredients may vary slightly between flavours.

    How do I take BSN True-Mass?

    Mix four rounded scoops with 470ml of cold water or any beverage of your choice. Adjust as needed for taste.

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease nor is it guaranteed in any way to help you loose or gain weight. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.

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