Muscle Moose

Whether you’re looking for an energy boost without the crash or some post-workout protein goodness, Muscle Moose have you covered!

Moose Juice Extreme Energy is a sparkling energy drink with added BCAAs and B-Vitamins. Low calorie, zero fat and zero sugar – Moose Juice is your new best friend. Whenever you need an energy pick-me-up, just get a boost from the Moose!

Looking to increase your protein intake and satisfy your sweet tooth? Check out Muscle Mousse – available in seven mouth-watering flavours that will fill you up and keep your diet and protein target on track!

Muscle Mousse is a luxurious protein dessert that is the perfect snack any time of day, especially before bed. With 30g of slow-release protein per serving, Muscle Mousse is perfect for a post-workout guilt-free dessert.

We sell the wholes range of supplements from Muscle Moose at the lowest prices so get your self a great deal and get a boost from the Moose!


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