Instant Oats

Instant Oats -the breakfast of champions!

Instant Oats are a fantastic source of low Glycaemic Index carbohydrates, which are ideal for sustained energy release. They are a great healthy breakfast option and perfect to provide you with the energy to set you up for the day ahead!

Every serious gym goer knows how good oats are, but getting them inside you can be a pain - especially if you don’t really like them to begin with!

Instant oats are great for getting the oaty goodness inside your body quickly, with no messing around with a microwave or saucepan. Simply add to a drink, water or anything else and give it a good shake!

As one of the UK's leading sports nutrition supplement retailers, has a great range of Instant Oats from the world's best sports nutrition brands at the lowest prices with awesome service guaranteed every time you shop with us!


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